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Our Products


  • Granite blocks
  • Raw, polished, flamed slabs 
  • Pavement slabs
  • Façade cladding
  • Curbs for roads, bridges - available as straight and curved, of various textures;
  • Granite cubes - produced mainly in the sizes: 4/6 and 8/11
  • Porphyry cubes - multi-coloured with natural surfaces 
  • Porphyry tiles - cut or split with natural or modified surfaces
  • Granite grout - gray, particles 0-3mm
  • Retaining walls - split stone, irregular, sizes: 10/20/40 or 20/20/40
  • Landscaping elements - with a decorative function to give the impression of luxury.
  • Stairs - as monolithic elements or as cladding
  • Geodesic symbols and marks
  • Monuments
  • Commemorative plaques
  • Gravestones


  • Window sills
  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Granite, marble, and porphyry floor tiles
  • Stairs

Surface finish types offered:

  • „sawn”- the production material is not processed (except cutting) 
  • ground
  • polished 
  • flamed
  • bush hammered
  • sand-blasted
  • faux-finished - the surface finish obtained gives an „old stone” effect

Granite blocks
Granite blocks
Road curbs, cut, type A
Road curbs, cut, type A
Vanga granite cubes – red
Vanga granite cubes –...
Swedish Black granite cubes – black
Swedish Black granite...
Bohus Red granite cubes – brown
Bohus Red granite cubes...
Graniczna granite cubes – gray
Graniczna granite cubes...
Kośmin granite cubes – blue
Kośmin granite cubes...
Strzegom granite cubes – gray-red
Strzegom granite cubes...
Porphyry cube
Porphyry cube
Balls – Bohus Red granite
Balls – Bohus Red...